Make Your Impact on Tomorrow’s Medicine

The Horizon Research Partners, LLC is a clinical research facility located in Mobile, Alabama, offering a variety of clinical trials open for public participation.

Our services are ideal for individuals without health insurance, as well as people looking to make their personal contribution to tomorrow’s medicine. Every participant in a clinical trial receives compensation for their involvement. In addition to monetary compensation, each individual receives study-related health care at no cost to them.

The professional and friendly staff at our facility are highly skilled in the medical field and have superior patient care interaction. Our highly trained staff and board-certified physicians place the patient first. We take pride in our work and we remain side-by-side with each participant during every step of their experience. Our goal is to make the patient happy and healthy while participating in our clinical trials.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, check out our current and upcoming studies and contact the Horizon Research Partners, LLC.